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2004-01-08 - 3:43 p.m.

Fun with sarcasm and AIM:

Jenniebeeme: I am awash with apathy today about my job

Jenniebeeme: heh

UDjessy: really? your job is very fulfilling though.

Jenniebeeme: well true, it really helps the community

Jenniebeeme: and my superiors really appreciate my work and reward appropriately

UDjessy: You are being proactively recognized for your contributions to society and finance

UDjessy: I think you should have a deep sense of satisfaction.

UDjessy: You are leveraging your institutional knowledge to build efficiencies Jen.

UDjessy: It's important work.

Jenniebeeme: yes my paradigm is consistently pulsed with the high level consciouness of the company and its partners and benefactors

Jenniebeeme: jesus loves me

UDjessy: Jesus does. Although...sometimes you act like you don't love him back.

Jenniebeeme: I do love him back, but he never sends his child support

UDjessy: I think you need to start worrying more about what you can give him, than what he gives you.

Jenniebeeme: head?

UDjessy: Everyone takes from Jesus. They don't give.

UDjessy: You are a foul mouthed serpent.

Jenniebeeme: yes I know

By the way, happy new year everyone! This will be the year I become a rock star! Or at least get a new job.


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