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2003-11-17 - 2:14 p.m.

My apologies!

I haven’t written in almost a month! Shame on me! I really have no excuse. I’ve been sitting here at my computer, day after day, thinking of brilliant, witty, charming, sad and exhilarating blog entries just for you. But alas, somehow they never seem to make it the short distance from my brain, through my fingers to the keyboard and onto the weblog. Today is a new day, and I will attempt to write something slightly interesting here, but I make no promises. Here goes…

So since I last wrote, A LOT has happened. I’m still dating P (see last entry). In my last blog I was freaking out about the first date. Things went extremely well and have progressed fast and furiously. We see each other almost every day now. He’s slept at my house, fed my cats (and my cats love him), cooked me breakfast, used my computer, and has been there to help morally, financially and all other ways when my ex’s car has broken down TWICE to the tune of almost $750…. Now, it does behoove him to help me, considering the fact this his car broke down on our second date, so he has been using my car while I use my ex’s (while he is on tour in Europe)… however, he really wasn’t obligated to loan me $400. In my last entry I mentioned that we have many, many things in common. Well now it seems we’ve lived almost parallel lives (I just happened to have lived it 7 years ahead of him). It’s truly bizarre, but really fun.

He’s started playing in “Counterfeit” with me (the drag review I mentioned in a previous entry). We had trouble finding a cellist, so I suggested we get octave-lower violin strings and put them on my other electric violin and just like that, a pseudo cello we call a “contraviolin”. It’s nice to go to practices with him, watch him play, play duets. I’m happy. Although I do feel guilty.

I feel guilty because I feel like it’s way too soon to be over Lonnie. Am I over Lonnie? How can I feel so good with Paul? Why does Lonnie keep sending me “I love you” emails? It’s all so bizarre!

Well I’m just going to take it day by day and see what happens. All I know is that I feel like I’m over Lonnie (romantically), I will always love him as a friend, and I have deep feelings for Paul which seem like they’ll be long lasting.

Man, I never thought I'd have such a girlie, emotional blog! I was hoping for more biting sarcasm and political humor. Sorry folks…


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